Let’s talk children’s shoes and school shoes…

Let’s talk children’s shoes and school shoes. Many people have shoe gauges to measure at home or may even be using the crazy technique circulating on social media of taking a paper outline of your child’s foot and fitting that to the shoe. HERE’S WHY YOU SHOULDN’T: A foot is 3D, not shaped like a piece of paper. And every foot is different, as is every style of shoe. As trained shoe fitters we use the gauge as a guide only. The measurement is only half the story, and that’s why we always talk about measuring AND fitting! You may think you’re saving money but think of this:
• If you get the size wrong, you’ve either got the cost of having to return it, or worse, you have the long term damage to your child’s foot.
• An independent shoe fitter won’t charge you postage, you won’t need to return the shoe as the size will be right, and we can try different brands, styles and sizes to get the right fit.

Don’t take chances with your children’s precious feet – they have to last a lifetime! Take advantage of the skills and price-savings of your local independent shoe shop. A 15 minute appointment with us could save you £££££s so book yours now